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Dear Friends and Students,

We have recently partnered with a Non-Profit called YogAmour Seva Global. Our daughter, Katie, has been working with this grass roots organization and is trying to reach out to any and all who might be interested. She has been with them for 6 months and has worked in the slums of India, villages of Myanmar, and the hill tribes in Thailand. The organization works primarily with children in these places, providing basic healthcare, educational resources, etc. They do this by holding service based yoga retreats to impoverished areas.

They are hoping to find corporate sponsors, donors, connections to resources, people interested in joining a service project, or just to reach out to a larger community to spread the word and to help support their cause to provide continuing resources to these communities. We have attached a brief letter explaining more about the organization and work. Please take a minute to look it over!

If you or anyone else you know might be interested in supporting YogAmour Seva Global, in whatever form that might be, Katie’s email is below , or you can get in touch with us and we can make the connection. The website is also below for more information.

Thank you very much.

Professor and Ann Sauer

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