Instructor Development Cert Course
Level 1
PSBJJA Business & Jiu-Jitsu Conference
Fall 2021, October 22nd – 24th


Atlanta PSBJJA Jiu-Jitsu and Business Conference

Instructor Development and Certification Course – Level 1
Friday October 22, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Atlanta Martial Arts Center – 105 Smokehill Ln, Ste 170, Woodstock, GA 30188

As soon as you register send us a message and we’ll email you the pre-course assignment!
Affiliate cost: $199
We are now offering this course in Georgia!!

This course is for all skill levels and even the most experienced Instructors will benefit from attending. It is our goal to develop high level instructors that deliver a memorable class every time you teach.
This course is a requirement and prerequisite for instructor progression in the PSBJJA certification courses and certification levels. Your presenters for this class are Andy Bryant & Randy McElwee.
For non-affiliate pricing please contact Mark Cukro at [email protected]

This session will focus on helping you become an amazing Instructor that fills classrooms with students that can’t wait to learn and are eager to return.
You will learn proven tips and strategies on managing different size classes more effectively as well as improving your overall presence and delivery on the mat.

Participants will learn the science behind teaching effectively, new approaches for all generations and tips based on research that can be applied immediately with noticeable results. Every class you teach is the most important one you will ever teach, and great teachers make a lifelong impact and teach lessons students remember.

This course is HIGHLY recommended, and you will be glad you attended this session! We will also spend some time on the mat so you can see how effective everything in real life.
Call Mark Cukro for additional details: 704-363-6236

Who should attend:
Anyone that is a Blue Belt or higher or anyone that wants to improve.

(anyone can attend but only Blue Belt or higher in the PSBJJA will receive a certification level)
– Any person currently teaching and/or designated as an instructor at a PSBJJA affiliate location
– Any person wishing to begin the process of becoming a certified PSBJJA instructor

We are all on the same team, so let’s build a STRONGER one every chance we get!


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Level 1
PSBJJA Business & Jiu-Jitsu Conference
Fall 2021, October 22nd – 24th”

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