Law Enforcement Aggression De-escalation (LEAD) ━ Certification Course


Law Enforcement Aggression De-escalation (LEAD) ━ Certification Course

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COURSE OVERVIEW: LEVEL 1 ━ Certification 10 hour Course ━ Thursday and Friday, April 15-16, 2021
The Law Enforcement Aggression De-escalation (LEAD) Level 1 Training is simultaneously conducted on two levels presented over 2 days:

Day 1 ━ Law Enforcement Aggression De-escalation (LEAD) Level 1 instructs Fundamental Techniques for Suspect De-escalation and Physical Control presented to Active
Duty Law Enforcement Officers, Defensive Tactics Trainers and PSBJJA Affiliates meeting the prerequisites. This 6 hour training workshop is presented to develop foundational
knowledge, entry level skill, and LEO Continuing Education credit with POST in defensive tactics and de-escalation techniques. Day 1 serves as the initial part to the full 10 Hour
Instructor Certification Course.

Day 2 ━ Is follow on training that combines with the day one workshop in tactical application to provide the ability to conduct Train the Trainer courses in Law Enforcement
Aggression De-escalation (LEAD). Together the two days of training provides a Level 1 Certification Course as a 10 Hour training program presented with the intent to train and
certify existing PSBJJA Instructors to present a Quarterly 4 hour Workshop to Law Enforcement professionals in their communities emphasizing the values & benefits of a standard
Jiu-Jitsu program to supplement Law Enforcement Professionals’ job requirements and attract local LEOs to attend ongoing fundamentals classes. This two day Law Enforcement
Aggression De-escalation (LEAD) Level 1 Certification Course also instructs Law Enforcement Professionals with the needed skills to serve their departments by establishing train the
trainer programs that will enhance the effectiveness of controlling suspects in all aspects of apprehension while reducing officer escalation to lethal during use of force encounters.

Upon successful completion certified individuals will be qualified and endorsed by the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (PSBJJA) to conduct Quarterly Seminars for local
LEOs as a community service at Low or NO COST to enhance the abilities of public servants in their areas.


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